Ningbo EST Technology Co.,Ltd.

Founded in 2003, it is located in Lingyun Industrial Park, Ningbo National High-tech Zone, the Science and Technology Enterprise Cultivation Base.

We are honored with national high-tech enterprises, Ningbo high-growth enterprises, piloting backbone enterprises, etc.

Focus on R&D, production and sales of plastic machinery automation control products

Master the core technology of plastic machinery in design, control, process, mold, etc.

Close cooperation with China's industrial control industry leader Huichuan Technology (stock code: 300124)

Committed to becoming a first-class industrial automation system enterprise, leading the industry to enter China Industry 4.0

Young! Vitality! Energetic!

College or above >80%

80s >80%

90s >50%

The developing era and compass of destiny

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  • 2005
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Corporation values


Become a first-class industrial automation system company


Customer first, trustworthinessn

Think of what customers think and give customers the best support from all aspects of the product.

People do not succeed without honestly. Establish a good relationship of trust with customers.

The stronger, the more open, follow the times,always learning


Promote industrial transformation with professional technology

Based on computer technology

Combine with drive, motor, hydraulics, machinery, etc. to create value for society

Human desire to achieve the wish of beautiful homes and a better life

Excellent organization, completed structure

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