Sincere cooperation, Wonderful future—Huichuan Technology & Easton Regional Exchange Linyi Station ended successfully


As the manufacturing industry gradually moves to higher level, as the main basic industry of the manufacturing industry, the rubber and plastics industry is growing rapidly. With innovation and technological upgrading, plastics industry has promoted the rapid expansion of the upstream and downstream industry chains. Meanwhile, as the 'brain' of rubber and plastic machinery, control systems and artificial intelligence(AI) have also become one of the focuses.


On June 30, 2018, the fourth stop of the Huichuan & Easton Regional Exchange Conference - Linyi stop was successfully held in the Roman Hall on the 4th floor of Pullman Lushang Hotel, No. 1 Luhe North Street, Lanshan District, Linyi City, Shandong Province. In the sub-regional exchange meeting, Easton gathered more than 50 participants from the Linyi area to discuss the future development trend of plastic press control system.


At this exchange meeting, Mr. Yan Feng, the chief engineer of Easton, as the keynote speaker, introduced the development history of Easton: “In 2003, Easton launched the first generation of industrial control computer and completed the entrepreneurial stage; in 2007 , Easton seized the opportunity and successfully developed a hydraulic servo control system. In 2013, it established a comprehensive cooperative relationship with Huichuan Technology Co., Ltd., which focuses on the research, development, production and sales of industrial automatic control products, and jointly entered the industry 4.0. After Successful company transformation; In 2014, Easton started the campus recruitment project, introducing high-level talents and adding “fresh blood” to Easton. Since the establishment of Easton, it has gone through fifteen years and been adhering the values of “Customer First, Sincere and Trustworthy, Open and Enterprising, and Win-win's Corporation” to serve customers, with win-win corporation with customers.


Next, Yan Feng introduced the latest product solutions and optimal solutions of Huichuan Technology & Easton


““Promoting industrial transformation with professional technology” is the mission of Ningbo Easton Technology Co., Ltd. The new era of intelligent manufacturing of plastic machines has quietly arrived. Easton and Huichuan are also constantly exploring and researching in high-level industries. Through the Exchange Conference, everyone has a better understanding of the products of Huichuan Technology ∓ Easton. In the future, Huichuan Technology & Easton will also launch more forward-looking products and Industry-leading solutions, always reforming and innovating in the field of press control system.

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Sincere cooperation, Wonderful future—Huichuan Technology & Easton Regional...








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