Servo hydraulic press machine solution


The domestic hydraulic press industry is facing industrial upgrading, and process upgrading with cost reducing is also being achieved. The energy saving and noise reduction characteristics of the servo system have been widely recognized in the industry. Enterprises that can provide more superior and economical equipment will undoubtedly have great advantages and stand out in the wave of change. The servo hydraulic press machine with energy saving, noise reduction and high efficiency will be the choice of more terminal customers. It has been ploughed for many years in the field of electro hydraulic servo. The rich technical precipitation is applied in the field of hydraulic press machine, which will promote the technological change of the industry and make great contribution to the improvement of the equipment level of the domestic hydraulic press machine.

About EA9212-31-HC controller

- Special development of 27 models for hydraulic press industry

- Replace PLC+ touch, integrated button, simple wiring

- Stable hardware platform, rich hardware resource integration

- Customized system

Solution Advantage

- Energy saving, noise reduction and synergy

- Easy installation and simple wiring

- Integrated process,adaptable and easy to use; Core algorithms such as integrated pressure precision control, position precision control, multi cylinder synchronization and film pulling control are used

- Rich UI interaction platform, adjustment of process parameters, fault handling at a glance

- Communication with servo driver by CAN to reduce wiring and improve response speed

- Simple and easy to use oil distribution software to suit different manufacturers' demand for differentiated oil circuits;

- Customizable insert key to meet the differentiated needs of different manufacturers

- Support IOT system, international general communication protocol

- Built-in mechanical hand combined function

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