IMM networking solution


China’s new economic normality makes the demand for the quantity and quality of the injection molding products is increasing rapidly in the automobile, construction, household appliances, medical and other industries. The IMM manufacturers face the challenge of the industrial transformation. Besides improving the model design technology and control technology, the IMM  has to improve the energy saving rate,precision, automation and networking. The trend is becoming more and more obvious. In the transformation of industrial 4, IMM manufacturer needs a set of efficient and overall IMM network system, which will promote the injection industry to interconnected production and meet the era of big data Internet. The program also provides a complete, simple and zero site production management system for plastic manufacturers, and meets the requirements of mobile management.


Solution Advantage

- Connected to the controller through adapter,wirelessly, upload the machine running data and access control commands to realize the remote monitoring and intelligent control of the machine;

- The network layer is the core of the whole system, which is deployed in the remote server program data processing center. It is transmitted to the application system after the analysis / processing / Association of the data system;

- Through various forms of presentation (PC/ mobile phone / liquid crystal display /Ipad, etc.), the functions of equipment management, remote diagnosis, alarm management and large data analysis are realized.



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