All-electric IMM Solution


With the emergence of new synthetic materials, the expansion of the application scope of high precision injection molding parts and the increasing awareness of environment protection, the demand for IMM is further improved. In all kinds of new precision IMM, the most representative type is all-electric machine. The precision of electronic parts, digital cameras, mobile phone shells and optical devices not only requires high material, but also has high requirements for the molding technology. The all-electric machine has a unique advantage in solving such problems, and has two notable characteristics of reducing environmental load and high performance. It not only shows great advantages in energy saving (power consumption about 1/3 of ordinary oil press), low noise, water saving (water consumption about 1/12 of ordinary oil press) and power supply equipment, and it has high injection rate, high response, stable injection speed, stable back pressure system, precise positioning control and accurate pressure in performance. Force closed loop, high repetition precision, short cycle and so on. Therefore, as a ‘green’ IMM, its development not only conforms to the trend of the development of social productivity, but also is of great significance to the development of the national plastic machine industry and to participate in the international competition, and to improve the technology level of the whole IMM industry.


Core Components:

- EST all-electric controller

- ES810 all-electric servo drive

- ISMQ all-electric motor

- Tension sensor

- Ball screw.

Solution Advantage:

- iVenture Panel adopts touch screen, designed with a fairshaped body and elegant appearance;

- EtherCAT bus achieves controller, servo drive and motor running data sharing, to meet the requirements of high-speed data real time interaction and large data volume;

- High performance, high responses, low inertia injection motor, instantaneous overload torque, meet the all-electric injection process;

- The ES810 servo drive system and the absolute encoder control technology are adopted to simplify the electrical configuration;

- Amplify the process of tension sensor signal detection, more accurate to realise clamping force control;

- More stable, faster and more accurate.

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