All-electric IMM Solution
All-electric IMM Solution The rise of the national plastic machine...

Applied to electronic parts, digital cameras, mobile phone housings and...

High speed IMM solution
High speed IMM solution Ultra long service life, ultra high...

Fast and soft clamping with out standby time.

Standard IMM solution
Standard IMM solution Classic solution with high maturity.

Designed with a fairshaped body and elegant appearance to meet the requirment of...

IMM networking solution
IMM networking solution Remote monitoring for factory.

Energy saving and environment protecting by high precision automation and...

Dual-color IMM Solution
Dual-color IMM Solution Dual-color injection control.

Accurate positioning, short action time, small impact.

Large-sized and Special IMM Solution
Large-sized and Special IMM Solution Compound action control to save the cost...

Free optional expansion function, to solve the problem of various complex...

Servo hydraulic press machine solution
Servo hydraulic press machine solution Cost reduction and process upgrading

widely used in vehicle parts processing, washing machine, air conditioning and...


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